Things From Japan


This item is a Totoro pin which was bought as a souvenir from the Studio Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Tokyo. The museum itself is a large collection of art, animation techniques and behind the scenes work. I would often watch Studio Ghibli films growing up, so going to see the museum was quite special. As you were unable to take photos throughout the museum, I wanted to buy something that would serve as a memento of that place. So I chose a character from one of my favourite movies "My Neighbour Totoro".


This Gudetama keychain was obtained from the various gachapon machines that I stumbled across through my travels in Japan. These machines are located in various places, such as shopping centres, arcades and even on the streets. In my stay in Japan, I think I bought over 10 of them, trying to collect all the different types of Gudetama that they had to offer.

Things From China


This was a souvenir from when I went to China in 2009 with my family for a holiday and was bought from a mountain that we climbed. Out of all of the souvenirs being sold, this one caught my eye straight away. I love the material that it is made from and the way that the black streaks through the mineral is reminiscent of those traditional paintings which I like.


This stamp was bought in Hong Kong from the famous shopping district near Nanjing road in a dainty alleyway where there were lots of souvenirs being sold. I had always wanted one of these, as I had seen similar stamps on paintings which I thought were really interesting and cool. This one in particular was special as not only was it a tiger, which is my Chinese zodiac, but they also offered personalised engraving for free.

Things From Cambodia

Buddha Statue

Buddha statues are a common souvenir from Cambodia as the country is known for their stunning Buddhist temples and particular belief system of Theravada Buddhism. The statue is modelled after the Emerald Buddha statue in the Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh. The Emerald Buddha was originally a Thia commodity, but landed in Cambodia after a ship got lost in a storm. The Pagoda was built in 1892 to house the statue, along with hundreds of other buddha statues and is now a sacred place of worship.

Incense Holder

Incense is a common sight in Cambodia, present in every temple, most homes and hotels, and even burning outside of shops. The scent is thought to ward off bad spirits and welcome positive energy. As such, many homes and hotels feature miniature outdoor shrines to place incense and pray. Incense sticks and accessories, such as this holder, can be found in most markets lining the streets of Cambodia.

Things From Laos


“Laos Folktales” is a storybook filled with the mythology of Laos culture. The stories explain everything from how the mountains and rivers came to be to why people have two eyes and one mouth. Filled with tales of kings, dragons and demons, the book is a window into the mythical beliefs of the Laos people.


Silk scarves are commonplace in Laos, forming a large part of the economy due to their frequency of being bought by tourists. Their intricate designs and smooth texture provides a perfect gift or personal souvenir. They also come in handy when visiting temples and shrines as bare shoulders and legs are considered disrespectful, many people choose to wrap a scarf around themselves rather than wear long clothes due to the warm climate.